SHOZALOWE Inv (Pty) Ltdprocess equipment for the water industry


Wall mounted sluice gates

Wall mounted gates, also known as slide gates or penstocks, are widely used in the aquatic industry for the closing of wall openings located between adjacent tanks, chambers or water outlets in the walls of dams and reservoirs.

These gates are actively used in the industry for the following purposes:

  • Division boxes
  • Reactor walls
  • Chlorine by-pass channels

Our gates are capable of sealing off both square and round openings in concrete walls, effectively sealing the entire periphery of the opening.

Channel gates

Channel gates are quite popular for their use to isolate or bypass the flow in channels. Typically used in the Intelwork Industry, they are screw operated with a hand wheel or gearbox on a beam forming part of the channel gate.

Weir gates

Weir gates are vastly used for the controlling of flow. The flow of water over the top of the gate is easily controlled by adjusting the gate’s height.

They are commonly used for the following:

  • Adjustable overflow weir in biological reactors
  • V-notch weirs for flow control at axial flow pumps
  • V-notch weirs at final effluent

Flow dividers

Flow dividers can be used to divert flow into either one of two channels, thus making them perfect for the dividing of flow between to plants. This is very effective in the controlling of flow between an old plant and a newly built one.

Flap gates

Known in the industry as being the “one-direction gates”, flap gates only allows flow in one direction. They are very popularly used as non-return gates at axial flow pumps and sludge recycle pumps.

Telescopic bell mouths

Telescopic bell mouths are used for fluid control, generally to draw off scum and other surface fluids in tanks.

Dewatering gates

Dewatering gates are adjustable, double-sided sliding gates. They are used for sludge drying beds or dams.

T-Key operating design

This type of operating gear or spindle arrangements, is operated by a hand-wheel that can be removed upon the requirement of level settings or specific isolation. It can also be used in the case of a pedestal and spindle arrangement being in the way of movement, or in the centre of a platform.

The T-Key can be used for the following:

  • Setting of specific flow
  • Isolation of flow during maintenance work
  • Used as anti tampering operating gear